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Workforce Studies

Workforce Studies

Research to inform business decisions.

3-Minute Read

Over the past two decades, the modern workplaces have under-gone numerous developments. In the 2000s, the cubicle workstations were removed and were replaced with open workstations. In 2015, many workplaces began including recreation to their routine as well. While workplace inclinations will never be constant, one thing does remain; the influence that workplaces have on the well-being of workers.

2-Minute Read

Music is a form of meditation, however, listening to it in one’s workplace can cause some criticism. Nevertheless, researchers have a different perception! In 2018, Accountemps, a division of the firm, Robert Half, conducted a survey on 1,000 office employees, and the outcomes were rather auspicious for music enthusiasts.

3-Minute Read

In 2018, Condeco conducted a survey of around 500 office managers, senior executives and administrators in six countries; the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France, Germany, Australia and Singapore.

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